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Credit Unions can now offer their sole traders or small entrepreneurs an ideal solution for the collection of payments. SugaPay allows the micro-merchant to transact business in a cash-less environment while ensuring the highest standards of security and safety. By utilizing a standard or mobile SugaPay Point-of-Sale device, merchants can capture an entirely new market at an affordable price.

Here is a list of our current merchants where you can use your credit union-funded SugaPay card:


Joyce Simplemart (MiniMart)

Stephen’s Grocery (MiniMart)



Danny’s Laundry (Laundry services)

Four Pay’s Variety Store (MiniMart)


Mt Pleasant

Bella Cosmetics and Personal Care (Cosmetic store)

D#1 Hardware

LP Marketing and Transport, Ltd.

Mikey’s Baking Service (Bakery)

Paul’s Veggie Mart (Veggie Mart)

Rachad’s Male Supplies, Ltd.

Sherwood Foods, Ltd.

Shore Things Cafe & Craft (Cafe & Craft store)


Palo Seco

George’s Hardware


Benefits of Being a Merchant

There is no lower cost method of accept Electronic Financial Transaction (EFT) payments in the region. We offer both traditional wireless Point of Sale (POS) machines as well as mobile POS machines to attach to your mobile device, so technically, all you need is a (data enabled) mobile device and our SugaCUBE terminal device system to start accepting payments.

Accept payments anywhere and at anytime. No longer do you need to be tied to your desk or cash register. Bring greater value and mobile payment convenience to your business.

SugaPay opens up opportunities for a number of smaller businesses (including but not limited to plumbers, builders, taxis, market or beach vendors, charity donations, church tithes and more), to accept payments by card rather than cash. Employers such as contractors will also find it useful and safer to deliver their recurring payroll via the SugaPay payroll card.