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What is SugaPay

SugaPay is one of the region’s premiere electronic financial transaction (EFT) solutions and has been specifically designed to enable the credit union movement to expand their service offering, allowing for the provision of products and services which rival those offered by larger banking and financial institutions.

The SugaPay product supports the credit union philosophy of providing greater value at a lower cost, whilst maintaining the highest levels of stability and security.

ATM/Card Services
SugaPay enables an in-house ATM/Card service, where members are able to use their SugaPay cards to instantaneously access ATM services from any SugaPay ATM nationwide. Depending on the ATM, this can include cash withdrawals, deposits and bill payments.

Person to Person Transfers
Easily transfer money to and from anyone using the SugaPay app. Simply choose your recipient, input your money and press send! Send money to your parents, spouse, children or friends without using cash.

Merchant Access
Use your SugaPay card at number of merchants in the country. It will give you the convenience of using a card product, without touching your credit union account directly. For a list of current merchants, click here.


How does it work? 

Using the SugaPay service at your Credit Union, you can enjoy the benefits of being able to manage your account online or on your phone; make transfers using your phone; and as access your funds more easily via ATMs.